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Packaging and returnable containers/bags
Unused packagings will neither be delivered nor charged.
Deposits from returned packagings (if in good condition) will be credited to your Luxcaddy-account and will automatically be deducted from your next order.

The returnable Luxcaddy bag :

In terms of a clean environment and less plastic waste, we use the "Luxcaddy Bag" with a deposit. All orders are packed in Luxcaddy shopping bags, unless otherwise requested by the customer.
A security deposit of 1 €/bag will be charged to the customer when ordering. By returning these bags, the deposit of 1 €/bag will be credited to the customer Luxcaddy account.
A customer who does not want to get the re-usable shopping bags may at any time switch to disposable bags (50 cents/order).

The coolbox :

If you ordered fresh products (milk products, meat, etc...) knowing that you will not be at home for a few hours to receive your order, you can opt for an isolation box (coolbox) against the payment of a deposit of 29 € + 1 € usage fees. Caution : the coolbox is not able to keep the deep frozen products fresh, so a presence at your home is absolutely necessary.
The customer will return this coolbox to the driver on his next purchase. The advanced deposit will be credited to his online account at luxcaddy.lu and deducted from a future purchase (or repaid in accordance with him). If you return a damaged box, your deposit will not be reimbursed.

Please note that an isolation box is not required if you will be at home for the delivery as all deliveries are made by refrigerated vans.
Caution : coolboxes are only available when ordering fresh products.

The foldable PVC box :

PVC box specially designed for the care and optimal transport of fruit and vegetables. Easily foldable to a height of only 6 cm. Dimension : 60x40x20cm
We charge a deposit of 4.50 €/box. Upon return of the PVC box, the deposit will be reimboursed by a credit on the customer Luxcaddy account, for a next purchase.